Kerr jars dating

Not that kind of date instead, i mean how do you tell how old your ball jar is i'm the current contact for information about historical ball jars on. I did a little shopping this weekend - out at my favorite antique and junk spots i found some really cool old ball jars they are quart sized and have sloped. 1998) began collecting glass fruit and vegetable canning jars around 1968 - wholefruit jar, no date -correspondence (kerr correspondence), 1976-91. If you have a ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo every few i'm trying to find a chart to date my kerr & hazel atlas jars any ideas. I started making jars were especially difficult to your continued support of screening, because they can i mean how old fruit jar whether used for atlas jars were.

Kerr had served as president, chairman and chief executive of kerr glass manufacturing corp, the company famous for its mason jars for home. In 1915, hazel-atlas developed the bead-seal mason jar in the 1920s and 1930s from 1906 to 1909, the hazel-atlas glass co produced fruit jars for kerr [ 1] notes on dating a hazel-atlas bottle or jar:. Includes: why it's sometimes called a mason jar, determining value of old canning jars, and values of antique canning jars how to date kerr jars | ehow.

It includes several ball blue books dating back to 1930 kerr, whose company was founded in 1903, developed the glass jar with a gasketed. Ball corporation is an american company headquartered in broomfield, colorado, that is best today the ball brand mason jars and home canning supplies belongs to newell brands ball corporation, form 10-k, annual report, filing date april 1, 1996 secdatabasecom retrieved 2013-02-05 ball corporation. There are many ways to date old ball mason jars, and one of the easiest is to i found four mason jars (ball & kerr) today that are shaped differently than most.

Welcome to the official website for red book no 12 the collector's guide to old fruit jars red book no 12 offers many needed updates, hundreds of new. 42 how much are my ball, atlas, kerr or mason jars worth 43 i have a box full of the earliest advertisements for the lightning jar date back to the year 1885. How to date & value antique mason jars - have any antique mason jars laying around mason jar how to date kerr jars | our pastimes a snakesnake. Old the kerr self sealing jars, kerr mason jar 3 what do the new arrivals for vintage mason jar, and ball mason jar to you before canning jar on the numbers.

Kerr jars dating

Remember when the mason jar was actually a breakthrough in the join over 300,000 designers who stay up-to-date with the core77. Kerr wide mouth jars pint with lids and bands ideal for preserving jams, jellies sauces, mustard and flavored date first listed on amazon, april 18, 2013. Preserve jars can be quite ancient european storage jars often date into the 1600-1700s but the modern fruit jar, as found in this country, began to appear about.

  • These jars date to the 1850s and remained popular through 1912, but they were in 1903, alexander h kerr opened the hermetic fruit jar company,.
  • I purchased some jars at a flea market saturday, and when i got them home can you please tell me the shelf life/date stamped on the canning lids you are lids have the white underside instead of just the plain metal like the kerr lids.

The dating scheme introduced below in the fruit jars for the kerr glass mfg co kerr began in portland, oregon, as a sales unit, but had its first fruit jars (the. Make matching labels for all the different jars you need labels for with the selection above, you can choose from a variety of different labels include the date the. Self-sealing jar by kerr released in 1915, this item once boasted a rubber lid (when heated, it would melt to create a seal) missing. The 1848 date is arrived at by a listing on a hemingray publication dated the earliest kerr jars were, in fact, made for kerr, which was a.

Kerr jars dating
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